Welcome To Peace Regional Outreach


School Profile


  • To provide an alternate learning environment for students for whom the mainstream school setting has not been effective
  • To assist youth in achieving positive personal growth
  • To enable youth at risk of dropping out to remain connected with a learning/educational environment
  • To facilitate the re-entry into mainstream schooling for those young people who desire it
  • To provide youth with skills related to career exploration, communication, community awareness, and self awareness to promote increased self-esteem and employability


  • To provide an alternative educational program to meet the needs of students
  • To connect ‘at risk’ students to a learning environment
  • To provide additional support services to minimize the barriers to education


  • All youth need an education
  • All youth can learn and experience success
  • All youth have the right to an education however each youth must accept the ultimate responsibility for utilizing their educational opportunities
  • Education is a key to becoming a productive and responsible citizen
  • Actively learning youth benefits the community as a whole
  • Youth who aspire to continue and/or complete their high school education must be provided with support to do so