Daishowa-Marubeni International donates $10,000 to support Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare

Daishowa-Marubeni International donates $10,000 to support Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare

Thanks to the generosity of Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd (DMI), Peace Regional Outreach students who utilize the daycare services at the school will continue to take advantage of low daycare fees, and enriching daycare programming for their children.

Last week (April 28, 2015) DMI representatives presented students and staff with a cheque for $10,000.00 to help fund the daycare program at the school.

Carol Van Slyke, PROC principal says the donation will be used to fund the program in order to keep fees low for parents and to further enhance the daycare program.

"The funds will allow us to continue to develop an enriching daycare program and with DMI's support, we can do so without charging mom's more than they can afford" says Principal Carol Van Slyke.

PROC student Rachel Little describes the services PROC provides as “outstanding” for her and her two sons Liam and Lennon.

“The school and daycare is outstanding, phenomenal actually.  I couldn’t ask for anything better” says Rachel. “It’s a family here. The outreach staff has supported me through my adolescence, as well as supporting me as a single mother and in getting my diploma.”

During a heartfelt address to PROC students and staff, DMI Communication Superintendent Amber Armstrong said:

"We admire your vision, passion and appreciate what you do. Our donation is very small in comparison to what you give back to the community."

Shane Bolduck, DMI Donation Committee Member says they are happy to help the school and help ease the stress of young mothers.

"We are happy to help the daycare program. It gives many students the opportunity to finish their schooling. It's nice to know they do not have to worry about their kids, they are right here with them at the school and they know they are well taken care of."

Earlier this year, DMI invited PROC to meet with DMI staff to have a conversation.

“They had no idea they were getting money” says Amber. “DMI is focused on helping others who give back to the community, organizations that are diverse, have a broad focus and face various struggles and challenges. The idea is to lessen their load by not going through an application process when they are already doing so much for the community.”

PROC is one of five organizations who have been selected for funding this year by the DMI Donations Committee.

PROC provides an alternative high school setting for students who have chosen to access the many supports that the outreach campus provides. In addition to a learning environment, the school provides assistance with childcare, transportation, educational planning, basic food and housing needs and social and cultural support for aboriginal students.