Betty Kruse celebrated as PRSD's Friends of Education Award nominee

Betty Kruse celebrated as PRSD's Friends of Education Award nominee

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September 25, 2015- Yesterday afternoon the Peace River School Division (PRSD) Board of Trustees celebrated Betty Kruse as the PRSD Board of Trustees Friends of Education award nominee. The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) Zone One ‘Friends of Education award recognizes individuals or groups who make a special contribution to education and student learning.

Betty was recognized for her outstanding contributions to students in the region through her involvement with Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare (PROC) and Peace River High School (PRHS).

Betty’s journey in Peace River School Division began in her role as Chair of the Peace River High School (PRHS) Parent Advisory Council. During this time, she became passionate about finding a way to serve the needs of students with life circumstances that may not allow for them to be successful in a traditional school setting.

“Betty played a large role in initiating the application to have an outreach campus in Peace River and has since worked passionately and tirelessly to advocate and seek support for students at Peace Regional Outreach Campus” says Board Chair Darren Kuester.

Examples of Betty’s service includes; serving as Chair of Peace River High School Parent Advisory Council, Chair of the Outreach Steering Committee, Chair of the Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare committee, advocating within the community for support and grant writing that translates to students having increased access to counsellors, affordable childcare and transportation to and from school.

“Betty has been very involved on so many levels” says Kuester. “She was not afraid to roll up her sleeves as she helped to paint and repair the portable, and when the school moved to the Andrew Education Centre, Betty was there to help transition to the new building.”

During a tribute to Betty’s service during the award ceremony, PRSD trustee Louise Woroniuk referred to Betty as a ‘great negotiator’ for her efforts in securing free rent for a number of years. Woroniuk noted that the Alberta government does not fund outreach buildings therefore government dollars went directly to services and supports for students.

Woroniuk also shared the following comment from a former PROC student who since entered a graphic design program in Vancouver:

“Without outreach, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would have dropped out of high school, but because of the environment of outreach and the helpful staff, I chose to graduate. I have come a long way, and I couldn’t have done it without outreach and the people there that supported me and cared about me as an individual.”

“The board is very thankful to Betty for the meaningful impact she has and continues to make in the lives of students, their families and communities in the area through her service” says Kuester. “The time, work and leadership Betty has selflessly given to support youth in the region is inspiring and we are pleased to celebrate her as our board’s Friends of Education award recipient.”

Betty was celebrated alongside other school board nominees during the ASBA Zone One Fall General Meeting and Awards Ceremony. Betty was unable to attend the ceremony due to prior scheduled commitments.

Top left: Trustee Louise Woroniuk accepting Betty's award on her behalf
Bottom right: Left to Right: Elaine Manzer and Betty Kruse at the Andrew Education Centre Grand Opening